Bumble says no guns, but why?


Bumble has announced the eradication of firearms from user profiles. The online dating app said the decision to moderate profiles and eliminate firearms from the platform was made because “it’s time to state unequivocally that gun violence is not in line with our values, nor do these weapons belong on Bumble.”

Anyone else scratching their heads? While I respect the platform’s right to run it the way in which it sees fit, I can’t say I agree. In fact, the move seems clunky and confusing. Why can I list my Netflix obsession and my adoration of all things Edgar Allen Poe but I can’t list guns in my hobbies? How is removing firearms or any mention of them helpful for those whose career or passion is guns? Seems like Bumble is setting its users up for even more disappointment in the dating world.

It’s no secret that I’m divorced. The change in my marital status thrust me back out into the dating world…I should caveat this with the last time I was single, Kanye was lamenting Gold Diggers while Gwen Stefani was letting us all know she ain’t no Hollaback Girl. In short, the prospect of dating again and in an entirely new manner was terrifying.

I was persuaded by friends to try online dating — in specific Bumble. I downloaded the app last year with trepidation, wrote out a profile tinted with shades of wit and sarcasm. (After all, any potential suitors would need to know that sass is part of my repertoire.) I added that I was a single mom and a journalist and, in specific, a gun journalist.

After I was satisfied with the written portion, I began adding pictures. As any girl beholden to online dating knows, pics are the hardest part. Of course, I chose ones I felt made me look the thinnest and my nose less sharp but I also selected two pictures of me shooting — one, a long range shot taken at a media event, and the second a shot of me posing with a pistol. I am a gun girl and it’s a label I wear proudly.


Guns are a part of my career as a gun journalist — a permanent fixture that both feeds my family and that I’m passionate about. For the same reason I listed myself as a single mom, I was resolute in my decision to include guns in my Bumble profile. I felt it was only fair that potential suitors know what they were signing up for.

Bumble helped me land several dates fairly quickly. Being a gun girl in the South has its perks it seems. Some were avid supporters of the Second Amendment. Some were lukewarm about guns. They all knew that I was a gun girl, though, and that prevented any awkward debates about the Second Amendment over coffee or dinner. It actually made my transition back into dating easier because everything was on the table. (Not to mention I got a couple of fun dates at the range out of it.)

It’s disheartening to hear that Bumble is so easily dismissing a large segment of the population based solely on a hobby. Single women like me are now left wondering what next? For a platform built for women aimed at making the dating world less complicated and intimidating, Bumble seems to be doing exactly that.

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