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If it doesn’t look real, it probably isn’t

Let’s talk pictures, specifically concealment photos on social media. Through my internet travels I frequently see photos touting how well a gun conceals in various outfits. While I wholeheartedly encourage women to play around with their wardrobe, there’s a disturbing trend emerging. One in which the photo-taker isn’t completely honest about the gun, concealment or…

How To: Gear Reviews

Reviewing isn’t as simple as one would think. Often, readers assume it’s as easy as getting products in and just throwing opinions up online. It’s far from that. In fact, it takes a lot of time as well as effort to craft a thorough, detailed, objective review. Step One: Idea and Implementation The process for…

When concealment meets babywearing

Though my youngest son just turned four and is steadily transitioning away from needing to be worn, there are times that necessitate the Tula and a little babywearing (err…kid wearing. He’d be upset if he knew that I called him a baby.) So how do I do it?