Who is Jacki Billings?

Jacki Billings is a micro warrior, of course.

A mom and all around gun girl Jacki funnels her passion for guns, gear and photography into her work as a journalist. Often catering to women and moms, Jacki’s work has been featured on Guns.com, NRA Shooting Sports USA, ConcealedCarry.com, USCCA’s Concealed Magazine and RECOIL. She now acts as Shooting Editor for Guns.com.

A NRA certified handgun and American Heart Association Basic Life Support instructor, Jacki also achieved the status of Black Belt training under Master Yong Park in the Korean mixed martial art Yongmoodo.

She uses her experiences and know-how to encourage women of any size to take on the journey of self-defense and self-protection.

What can I find here?

Here you will find blog posts and links to articles specifically catering to women and, most importantly, the micro warrior mindset.

How can I contact Jacki?

Email: microjackib@gmail.com
Instagram: @microjacki
Facebook: Micro Jacki